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Our Factory

The factory facility is located in Cape Town, South Africa and has been manufacturing unique and specialised products since 1988. The facility currently supplies curated products for a number of international and local brands.

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GMP and Certification

Our factory is located in Cape Town South Africa, and is certified for Good Manufacturing Practices of cosmetic goods: ISO 22716. This means you can rest assured, knowing that your brand's products will be made in a facility adhering to vigorous quality and GMP standards. Our current exported bath bombs have been safety tested for the brands we supply. These test done by SGS, Cosmetic Safety Solutions Ltd, and Merieux ensure that our products surpass the product safety regulations in each country we export to. We have conducted the relevant product safety tests for our standard category products in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.


About Our Factory

Bath Bomb Factory is a manufacturing business based in Cape Town, South Africa, specialising in creating handmade, high-quality bath bombs. Our focus is on creativity and quality, and we offer a wide range of unique bath products that are sold in over 16 countries.

We specialize in private label and white label bath bomb and bath toy related products, manufacturing for well-known international brands, and offering custom bath bomb manufacturing for various target markets. With an impressive track record since 1988, we offer top-notch quality assurance and are certified to international standards.

Our unique selling point is the cost-effective production of bath bombs containing hidden sponge toys, particularly aimed at children. However, that is only one of the many bath bomb related product lines we offer. We are constantly striving to increase our client base and the number of brands we supply with our products, demonstrating a great ambition for expanding our reach and offering our products to an even wider audience.


Let us create the perfect bath time product for your brand!

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